The Jury has selected The Snowman as the outstanding film in this year’s awards not only for the generosity and bravery the director showed by inviting us on her family’s journey to come to terms with losing their father to mental illness, but the exceptional craft which the film employs in its camera work, animation and overall composition. The result is a very moving, memorable and ultimately inspiring film about spirit of endurance in the face of loss
— Sydney Film Festival Jury, 2010

The Snowman


In 1978 Jimmy Graham went to Antarctica with Operation Deepfreeze to train scientists in survival skills on the ice. He left in December of that year. Three months later he arrived back agitated and paranoid. He said that he had stumbled onto an illegal American nuclear site and that the CIA had given him a chemical lobotomy. He descended into madness. Unable to cope with his frightening behaviour, his wife fled with their two children. Now, thirty years later, his daughter Juliet will try to uncover the truth and reconnect with what's left of the man she called her father.


 Writer and Director: Juliet Lamont
 Producers: Rachel Landers & Dylan Blowen
Cinematography: Rachel Landers
Editor: Melanie Sandford & Lindi Harrison
Composer: Benjamin Speed




The Snowman Trailer